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About Us

BIC Venture is a boutique-size insurance intermediary service provider fully licensed by The General Insurance Association of Singapore.

On the local front, we focus on providing retail general insurance intermediary service, representing the follwing Insurers:

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  1. AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
  2. Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd
  3. The Overseas Assurance Corporation Ltd

Beyond the Republic, we are a Borderless Insurance Consultancy firm (which abbreviates as BIC). We work closely with our network of overseas insurance partners, which includes the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, to provide a borderless insurance consultancy work for our clients.

Our stong network with our overseas insurance partners allows us Nordstrom Coupon to handle a myriad of risks as well as the ability to deal with specialists and overseas Insurers. Our global network and experience combined puts us in a position to deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions to all your insurance needs.


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